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Explore a database of over 2700 federal securities class actions filed since January 1, 2000. Read the specifics of a particular case, or query the entire database across over 40 filters with aggregate statistics and interactive data visualizations as the result.

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Cases filed 2006 – 2015, excluding M&A objection suits

Number of filings per year

Case status

Distribution of case duration until settlement

Nature of misstatement

Distribution of settlement sizes

Lawsuits by market cap

Recent filings and settlements

Issuer Filing Date Court
InvenSense, Inc. (M&A Objection) February 21, 2017 N.D. Cal.
SITO Mobile, LTD. February 17, 2017 D.N.J.
Alcobra, Ltd. February 17, 2017 S.D.N.Y.
Transgenomic, Inc. February 17, 2017 D. Neb.
Metaldyne Performance Group, Inc. (M&A Objection) February 16, 2017 E.D. Mich.
Issuer Amount Stipulation date
CommunityOne Bancorp (M&A Objection) $500,000 February 17, 2017
Energy Recovery, Inc. $3,850,000 February 15, 2017
National Interstate Corporation (M&A Objection) February 10, 2017
Albany Molecular Research, Inc. February 09, 2017
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $3,400,000 January 31, 2017
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